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Download the independent, foreign, comedy, horror, cult and other films you can't find in video stores. With thousands of titles, we have the world's largest catalog of legal DRM-free movie downloads that you can watch on any computer. Our downloads also play on iPads, iPhones, Google Androids and most portable video devices.


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In contrast to shady video download sites that do not even list a company address, EZTakes is a USA-based organization that only offers downloadable movies for which we have obtained valid distribution rights, or movies that are in the public domain. And as you can see by browsing our movie download catalog, EZTakes carries titles that the whole family can enjoy.

EZTakes, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.A. You can find our contact information on our corporate Web site. While there are many sites from which you can download movies on the Internet, none is as focused as EZTakes on providing you with the ability to buy legitimate DVD downloads, with full DVD functionality. Thank you for visiting our site!